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Rei, Lei and Kai's Journal

Saturday, August 16, 2003

4:22PM - *snort*

What did I ever do to deserve such weak teammates?! All those brats do is bitch and whine 24/7. If it wasn't for Rei, I would seriously consider going back to the Demolition Boys.

As it is, the babies begged a day off, so we aren't training today. I think they're going to the beach. I hope they drown. *cackles* Although, with all the food Tyson has been eating lately, I don't think that's possible. I've never heard of a drowned whale. ><

*groan* So now we'rew going to fall even further behind in our training schedule, but I suppose a day off isn't soooo bad. Rei didn't seem very interested in visiting the beach either, so I'm going to ask him if he wants to see a movie with me. None of that romantic, girly crap though! We're seeing Jason vs Freddy!

Current mood: annoyed

Monday, February 3, 2003

2:55PM - Back in the game!

Rei may have dumped me, but he's not fooling -anyone-. I know he still wants me. I mean, just look at Lei!! Bryan's new mutt looks cleaner! Hades probably has less fleas too. *snort*

And he made it pretty obvious last nite. After dinner, I was heading to my room to *cringe* change my pants... (damn that Max and Tyson!!! >< ) and I met Rei coming back from the shower. All he had on was this tiny little towel that barely covered anything. After changing, I went by his room to see if he was coming back to the games room with me, and he had left his door open a crack which he NEVER does, so I assumed it was an invite to come in.

Well, I have to say - NOTHING is more inviting than walking into a room and seeing Rei lying down across the floor completely naked. I almost passed out. I could see EVERYTHING! And Rei didn't even care! He got up and paraded around in front of me, claiming he had nothing to wear when his closets were overflowing with those damn Chinese man-dresses and stuff.

Not that I minded though! *smirk* It was a great view!

Lei may have gotten a kiss or two, but I got to see the -whole- Rei, so I think I won -that- round! *grins*

Current mood: predatory

Sunday, February 2, 2003

4:41PM - *swoons*

Rei kissed me, and I just can't stop grinning.

I was so terrified he would hate me after what happened yesterday, but today he kissed me, out of nowhere, and it felt so amazing. He agreed to come home too - back to China to live with me. Even if it's jsut for a short time, it's still a start. It still shows he cares, and, if I try my hardest, maybe I'll be able to convince him to stay forever. I've missed him so much....

I told him I loved him. I didn't mean to, but after the kiss, it just slipped out. I was scared he'd push me away or brush it off, but he said he loved me too. I swear i felt my heart stop.

I'm going to work harder to make him happy. I want that feeling to last forever. From now on, no more pressure, no more fighting with Kai. Well, I'll have to rub in the fact Rei kissed me, of course, but I won't do it with Rei around.

I hope he gets really depressed. *smirk*

Current mood: ecstatic

3:08PM - Happenings

An awful lot has happened since my last post. I finally did what I said I was going to do. I broke up with Kai and told both him and Lei that if they couldn't stop fighting, then I didn't want either of them. Kai reacted just as I expected him to. He didn't seem to care. Just told me that if I didn't want him, then he didn't want him either. I was disappointed because a part of me really wanted him to try and stop me. To tell me that he didn't want to break up because he loved

Now I know I'm being stupid. Kai has never told me that he loved me so why would I think he would suddenly have a change of heart? It's just false hope... it will never happen...

So, onto something better. Bryan's birthday party was a complete success. I've never seen him so happy before! Tala and Bryan had an awful fight that morning, and Tala ended up slapping Bryan across the face. He still has the bruise to prove it. He was really upset about it too, but he never did blame Tala... I'll never get why he didn't. Tala had no right to slap him but Bryan never saw it that way... Anyways, at the party Tala sang for him this really beautiful love song. "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" It was very sweet and he admitted to Bryan that he had been jealous because Bryan had put so much trust into Michael that he had never gotten before. So, they made up and Tala ended up giving Bryan a puppy for his birthday which he called Hades because it was a "tough" name. Bryan's in absolute love with her.

The rest of the party was interesting from what I remember. It turns out that Johnny spiked the punch so we all got a little drunk. I remember being dared to give Gary a lap dance and then he ended up kissing me. It was DISGUSTING! He tasted all spicy and Lei told me later on that he had nachos and salsa just a while before that. Eww! I also remember Johnny and Michael singing sex songs together and then Michael stripping completely naked before they both ran off to, well, you know!

Today hasn't gone quite as smoothly as yesterday, but nothing goes well when you put us all together. There's always some sort of angst going on.

This afternoon Oliver passed out from a heat stroke. It was looking pretty bad too. He had a temperature of 105 degrees and he wasn't sweating... I've never seen Enrique so worried. He ended up dropping a glass pitcher of lemonade, then running over it and getting cuts on the bottom of his feet. I went in later and got all the glass out and he didn't even seem to care. He was so worried about Oliver. It was really a sad thing to see. Robert helped out alot since he seemed to know a little about what to do, after we contacted Dizzi. But, Oliver seems better now and his fever has gone down a couple of degrees so he'll be better in a day or two.

Something else happened though... after Lei and I left Enrique and Oliver's room, we went back to my room so I could fix my hair. We talked alot about how we missed spending time alone with one another and then... I swear it was only a spur type of thing but, I kissed him and... I liked it. There's just something about Lei that I can't help but feel safe with him. I've known him since I was just a child and I trust him 100%. I think that's why when he told me that he loved me tonight, I said I loved him too.

I do love him though, I just don't know how much and it doesn't help that I still love Kai...

Things are just so confusing right now.

Rei >^-.-^

Current mood: confused

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

2:53PM - WHY?!?!?!!?!?

REIIII~iiiiiiii!!! WHYYYY?!??!?

I LOVE you! Please, come back! Come back!! *wails*

I -need- you! I can change! I can! You're not just a trading card to me, I don't even know what that IS!

Please, just give me a second chance.I'll do -anything-! I'll cook for you, wash your laundry, knit you socks, comb your hair, brush your teeth, feed you grapes, follow you with a big fan,

REIIIII!!!!!! I'm sorry!!! Don't leave me!!!!

Lei :(

Current mood: depressed

2:42PM - Stupid Neko......>

What was Rei thinking!? How DARE he dump me in front of that flea-infested White Tiger! Not to mention EVERYONE else!

Fine then! I'm not going to cry over him!! Lei's doing enough of that... the weakling. *snort*

He'll come crawling back... I -know- he will! And when he does, we'll see just how 'bitchy' I can be!

Stupid neko..... I bought him a new hair dryer after breaking his and a year subscription to 'Cosmopolitan'! What more does he want!?!



Current mood: annoyed

Thursday, January 23, 2003

9:14AM - Oh man...

I don't know what I was thinking when I got Kai and Lei on the same boat together. Those two are impossible! All they do is constantly bicker, fight, rough house and whine OVER ME! I'm sick of it! You can't have a decent conversation with either of them because the other is always -right there-. I'm so sick of it! They're treating me more like a possession then anything else, one that can be kept away for no one else to see. Do they even care what I think about this? No!

This has been going on for far too long and it's only getting worse. It was only after I started dating Kai that Lei finally started to let his feelings for me out and... I just don't know. Did I make the right choice by choosing Kai? Sure, sometimes he can be... well... not sweet since he'd probably kill me if he ever heard me say that, but, nice? He's never liked anyone before, why does he like me? We're always fighting over little things but it never gets serious but I HATE how he's always so mean to everyone else! Why does he have to be so cold? They're just trying to be his friend...

Then you have Lei, who I dated back before I left our village. It was really a very sweet romance, and everyone supported us but I just felt so... suffocated. Like, I couldn't do anything without Lei there making sure I was ok.

I'm NOT made out of glass!!!

I think they're fighting is really starting to get to me. It's making me really irritable and testy. I see the same thing happen to Oliver when Enrique and Robert fight over him, except unlike me, Oliver tends to get a little hostile and actually hits people. I don't do that.

I've thought about this long and hard: A way to get the fighting to stop and I've really only come to one conclusion, as hard as it may be.

I won't have either of them.

Now, I'm off to play Kingdom Hearts to get my mind off things before I actually tell them...


This is going to be hard.

Rei >^u.u^

Current mood: distressed

2:58AM - Rei will be mine again!

I'm so glad I came on this trip! Sure, it's gotten off to a rocky start, what with Rei getting drunk, calling me his bitch, and slapping me on the ass really REALLY hard *pout*, but when he was upset earlier, he wanted ME to comfort him, NOT Kai, and that makes it all worth it.

I will NEVER forget the sound of Rei's beautiful voice saying Kai was too bitchy!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!! I can't wait to rub that in his ugly, painted face! *smirk*

I WILL win Rei back! I just know it! All I have to do is work harder at being the supportive, caring, honest person he really needs. Sure, Kai has that mysterious, 'too cool to actually stop being a huge jerk and talk nicely to people' air around him, but that's not -that- attractive! I KNOW Rei, and what he wants is someone who will respect and worship him, not ignore him, and I AM THAT PERSON!

I just need to find a way to make him see that........ *sigh* which is easier said then done.

Current mood: pensive

2:48AM - ..........................

How did I get talked into coming on this damn trip!?!

Stupid Lei.... if he makes one more move on Rei, he won't have an arm left to beyblade with!

I can't believe I'm wasting valuable training time to watch Oliver and Enrique have ANOTHER lovers tiff! And if Johnny and Michael don't stop groping each other, I'm gonna break their arms! At least Tala and Bryan know how to keep it behind locked doors!

O.O;;;;; WHY is Max stuffing cookies down his overalls?!!?

........I HATE trips! >

Current mood: annoyed